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GetFinHealthy is another step in the journey that started in 2014 at Hoboken Grace when we led our first ever Financial Peace University class. We believe that God is practical, wants us to experience contentment, abundance and live lives of generosity. Not only that, we believe the Bible contains the principles behind how to live that out. And we also believe that the church should front and center in where that happens.

We live in, perhaps, the richest society that has ever lived in the history of mankind. And yet, a large number of us don't have a healthy relationship with money. For some of us we don't know how to manage it well, because we haven't been taught how. For others of us, our net worth may show that we are rich; and yet in our spirit and relationships there isn't contentment and peace.

Living out a financial life using the principles in the Bible can sometimes seem weird, counterintuitive and counter-cultural - and yet we believe that's the path to true financial health.

Come and check it out. Even if you don't agree with it - try it and see what happens!